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The World of Bands from inside the van


I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life touring with bands and being in bands on tour, i’ve been a tour manager, a driver, behind the camera, a front man and been too most countries in the world with bands or in bands.

But what made me want to follow this path? well it was watching the Videos and DVDs of bands I loved on tour. Be it Blink 182’s ‘The Urethra Chronicles’, and ‘Riding in vans with boys’ or Every Time I Die’s ‘Shit happens’ all the way back to Pantera’s Home Videos. It made me want to be in a band or be part of the world of touring in bands, sleeping on floors, freezing in the back of transit vans living a life on the road.

The one thing that was missing was a film about the DIY tours, the tours with no budget for hotels or big buses, the film where it wasn’t all fun and games. I want to make the real life tour documentary, to show everyone what it’s like to be in a band trying to make it, where riders are 4 cans of coke and a few slices of bread, and getting paid means marching promoters to cash points. I want to make a film that makes people want to get up and join a band, get up and hit the road in the best van they can afford and play to one man and his dog trying to break through. But I need your help.

People who have helped me so far: 



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